• Image of ☀️ queen of disks anointing oil ☀️
  • Image of ☀️ queen of disks anointing oil ☀️
  • Image of ☀️ queen of disks anointing oil ☀️
  • Image of ☀️ queen of disks anointing oil ☀️

back in 2015 when i first made this blend i had been deep in my magical + ritual practices for many many years and was just beginning to experiment with sharing the formulas i made for myself with my community.

inspired by the tarot card of the same name, queen of disks is a sensual blend made with material/spiritual/mental/emotional abundance in mind + heart - i’m talking vines dripping with grapes, a watermelon overflowing with juices, a dear friend pouring tea for two, glowing datura scenting the night air, giant thunderclouds heralding the end of drought, a really good nights sleep, the miracle of shade when it’s 108 degrees outside - the types of abundance that can’t be easily diminished or overlooked bc they are just too precious and meaningful during scarcity.






aromatic flowers, roots, resins + leaves to delight the senses and soothe the soul.

blended with sweet honey, cold pressed olive oil, vibrant calendula + a little slip of calamus root - this fragrance invites integration on all levels.

** magic mail subscribers got these in their july shares and I've already gotten delicious feedback from folks using it to connect w themselves, gift to lovers + spell johns into showering them w $$$

to use :
keep on yr altar, carry it with you in your go to bag, gift it to a lover…

rub a bit on your temples + pulse points, taking some deep inhalations of the scent.

put a little on all yr cash or treasures as a gesture of gratitude + multiplicity

draw a spiral on your belly to invite integration, sensuality + delight ….

the sky’s the limit - trust your intuition as to how you wanna use it or share it or gift it! i truly hope you’ll enjoy exploring it as much as i already am ☀️

limited addition small batch available while supplies last - glass roller bottles comes in a collectible blue kraft board tube.

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Please note orders ship within 7 - 14 days (some times faster) this is a small apothecary run by one disabled person with two hands who deeply appreciates your patience and support of slow intentional medicine.

about sliding scale pricing: ALL REMEDIES ARE AVAILABLE FOR LOW OR HIGH SCALE DEPENDING ON INDIVIDUAL FINANCIAL CAPACITY - please choose the price (high scale, low scale) when you're making a selection.

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