wolfberry apothecary is a small back-yard apothecary located in so called tucson arizona (( unceded + occupied o'odham territory )) 

wolfberry formulas are made fresh in small batches from organically grown plant materials which have been cultivated + tended to at home, in clean urban landscapes or sourced through small scale organic growers locally or up the western coast. 

we do not wildcraft any of our plant materials.

all wolfberry formulas are alcohol free + made using simple folk methods with fresh or dried herbs, raw apple cider vinegar, raw sonoran wildflower honey, cold pressed oils, epsom salts + local beeswax.

any plant materials from distant bioregions used have been donated to the apothecary by generous community members (for example this year's chai mix has cardamom + ginger which was donated to us) and used with respect and gratitude. 

the entire line of formulas has been designed based on personal seasonal folk traditions, keeping in mind the perennial plant materials available at home - to make the line more sustainable, predictable + to prevent capitalist growth models which demand large bulks of plant materials from large scale growers.

when you make a purchase from this shop - you are supporting the endless work of a queer chronically ill autistic mother & her family, allowing her to continue to offer mutual aide to the community through fundraising + offering consistent donation based or free formulas to marginalized folks.

thank you for your support & commitment to self-care.


behind the medicine: 

azrael avey nim (she/he/they) is a genderqueer, chronically ill, autistic, genderqueer folk herbalist, witch, bodywoker, parent + gardener who makes remedies based on intuitive + blended ancestral (scandanavian, slavic, norse, belarusian, germanic) folk traditions for their own health/recovery, as well as to support the well being of their family + community.

avey began exploring folk medicine traditions over ten years ago, in response to continual neglect + abuse within the allopathic medical industrial complex. their practice focuses on nourishment + energetics, responding to a need to promote strong resilient boundaries within + without the body.

a survivor who is actively navigating their own c-ptsd + chronic ills, avey's work is informed by a harm reduction frame work - knowing that simple, kitchen-based folk medicines are inherently beneficial to human beings, period.