• Image of Calm the Fuck Down Spray
  • Image of Calm the Fuck Down Spray

Calm the Fuck Down Spray is a soothing af blend of vibrationally lifted ingredients including fresh hydrosols, essential oils, handcrafted tinctures and a special formulation of gem & flower essences.

Mixed by hand with a calm mind & gentle heart, this mist has been mindfully crafted to nurture and calm frazzled nerves, physical tension and repetitive thoughts while grousing the physical body + softening the energetic heart.

CTFD stimulates personal boundaries & the reconnection of head and heart through the help of a custom flower + gem essence formula including yarrow, angelica + herkimer diamond.

This formula is perfect for energetic emergencies, wound up children, stressed out pets (+ their humans), babes who work the service industry, teachers, parents - as well as any daily self-care rituals.

Rose + Pine hydrosols
a drop of Rosemary Essential Oil
Homemade French Lavender Tincture
CTFD Gem & Flower Essence Formula

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