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oak-otillo essence formula

this is such a deep one.

i channeled the base of this formula during the first new moon of cancer season.

while visiting a stand of ocotillo, i took a break under an oak tree for shade and the two plants were whispering mysteries about the cancerian qualities of ocotillo + the capricornian qualities of oak.

intentionally crafted over the most recent new moon cancer which was in direct opposition w saturn in capricorn, this dynamic essence formula pulls in layers of watery lunar depths + mountainous saturnian structures encompassing the coldest spectrum of our emotional landscapes.

ocotillo is strong, flexible, receptive + incredibly response-able - the flowers invite movement throughout the entire subtle body, allowing the watery emotional content stored within our tissues to release in a gentle appropriate pace.

oak is dense, resilient, shade bearing + deeply fortifying - the bark is tannic / astringent, bringing tone + structure deep into the soft tissues. energetically oak connects us w ancestral food ways - the magic of acorn harvests and peoples who lived in reciprocity w oaks for generations across cultures and continents. root work.

the cancer/capricorn essence was made with gila river water, pink spotted cowrie shell + white coral and was bottles while tearily listening to Bjork + screaming inside my heart.

a vibrational essence formula, emotional landscapes is meant to be taken in single or triple drop doses in order to connect w the complex emotional body + access the vast system of support that contains us, always in all ways.

to use: take a single or triple drop dose straight on the tongue, in yr water bottle or other beverages (ceremonial, medicinal or otherwise)

this essence would also be well used in conjunction with a self massage lotion or body oil, in lube, perfumes, make up or anything else you might wanna dose up with some extra support in holding complexity.

ingredients : fresh ocotillo flower infused glycerine, oak bark tincture (alcohol!), new moon 🦀 essence (as described above), vibrational essence of Joga by Bjork

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