• Image of pomegranate flower essence
  • Image of pomegranate flower essence
  • Image of pomegranate flower essence


a vibrational flower essence formula for working with + releasing energetic patterns on a subtle/cellular level.

pomegranate flower essence is well
indicated for people who feel physically, emotionally + energetically stuck. deeply supportive + regenerative for people who find it challenging to access or embody creativity, passion + commitment to warmth. pomegranate invites new patterns of embodiment - fortifying ones ability to connect with authentic sensuality, spontaneity + creativity through repatterning inherited resistance to self + community nurturance.

key patterns: liberating creativity, accessing playfulness, sensuality, passion + commitment, developing nurturance, making meaning

ingredients: no-pick pomegranate flower essence intentionally suspended in ocotillo flower infused glycerine to catalyze movement from root to crown, while fortifying energetic boundaries + bringing sweetness to the heart.

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