• Image of aloe vera flower essence
  • Image of aloe vera flower essence


a vibrational flower essence formula for working with + releasing energetic patterns on a subtle/cellular level.

formulated during the jupiter x neptune conjunction that happened back in april. that day in tucson we had strong, chaotic winds blowing in from the west a l l d a y l o n g + although i hunkered down through most of it, the intense unyielding movement lit up my sails (more than once) and i found myself outside in it communing with the abundance of flowering plants.

these aloe in bloom felt like the perfect embodiment of these two planets meeting - soft, sharp, pollen hidden deep within, coral + ochre, juicy angular pads full of soothing jelly medicine ridged with sharp claws sending up tall erect spures of flowers.

the way a thing can be sharp, only if you touch it in a certain way; the way a thing can sooth a burn or draw out venom, only if you cut it open to reach the slimy inner core.


aloe is well indicated for those who need support shifting habitual overstimulation + patterns of burning the candle at both ends.

inviting in calmness + emotional resilience, aloe can help us to release stored tension + repressed emotions from a place of healthy detachment rather than over identifying w any stories, stressors or feelings being released / integrated.

a superior essence for those who need a little nudge allowing head to bow to heart - finally carving out space for some peace + quiet or just time to surrender into some deep rest.

with summer coming in hot, i hope this essence will be a welcome support to us all.

key patterns : stress relief, burn out, burning the candle at both ends, emotional integration, soothing overstimulation, stored tension, rest, restoring natural flow of energy

ingredients: aloe vera flower essence intentionally suspended in ocotillo flower infused glycerine to catalyze movement from root to crown, while fortifying energetic boundaries + bringing sweetness to the heart.

to use : take 1-3 drops straight on the tongue or add to a beverage of your choice.

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