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pincushion cactus flower essence


a vibrational flower essence formula for working with + releasing energetic patterns on a subtle/cellular level.

this flower essence comes from my one my favorite all time flowers - the pincushion cactus. once a year these delicate cacti bloom an entire circlet crown of tony pick flowers and make me giggle and jump like a little kid.

pincushion flowers invite us to connect w our innate sense of dignity by opening up pathways towards joy. an emotionally flaming and soothing essence, pincushion helps us providing a deep sense of belonging, nurturing and support.

well suited for those who have trouble letting the heart lead the way - often experiencing dread or an expectation that everything is going to go wrong. pincushion helps shift patterns of over preparation, catastrophizing, feeling socially outcast towards deep internal acceptance, adaptation and an unshakable connection to one’s own dignity / divinity / crown.

we might not wear a crown of blooms all year round, but neither does pincushion cactus.

key patterns: joy, dignity, optimism, social ease + playfulness, enthusiasm, flower crown, adjusting to greater levels of intensity, repatterning cycles of catastrophizing/always preparing for the worst, outcast, unworthiness

ingredients: no-pick pincushion flower essence intentionally suspended in spearmint infused glycerine to soothe the nerves and invigorate the spirit

to use : take 1-3 drops straight on the tongue or add to a beverage of your choice.

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