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grounding protective mist to clear + fortify energetic boundaries & connect w yr deep down roots.

i really needed this formula & i am extremely excited to make a small batch available to share - tbh the timing feels incredibly poignant as iโ€™ve been basically floating around the atmosphere for the past two weeks solid. can we have an energetic anchor, as a treat?

carefully crafted over the recent scorpio full moon, this aromatic formula marries the deeply grounded, venus worshipping, earth-centric qualities of the sun in taurus with the fire-meets-water soothsaying potency of lunar scorpio.

rest + digest.

sing + sting.

invite buoyant energetic clarity + firm connectedness through the earthโ€™s rich mycelial network.

home grown + home distilled rosemary water infused with pine pitch + hit with a splash of frankincense hydrosol (distilled in a copper alembic still + generously donated by sahej botanicals) - together build an aromatic bridge of equanimous energetic coherence, while essences of tourmaline + lunar scorpio offer a formidable (& forgiving) container for our innermost shadows.


first come, first serve - small batch of 4 oz bottles available while supplies last

all proceeds will directly subsidize the cost of labor and materials for the large batch of herbal harm reduction formulas iโ€™m donating to mutual aid efforts in tucson.


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