• Image of Vampire Slayer Syrup
  • Image of Vampire Slayer Syrup
  • Image of Vampire Slayer Syrup


once i thought of this name i just couldn’t not claim it (buffy the vampire slayer is foundational to my childhood y’all) —— sorry/not sorry.

this garlic breath inducing formula is potent and intended to bring you back from the brink - antiviral, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, moistening, antispasmodic : vampire slayer syrup will warm the blood, ward off pathogens, soothe a sore throat and scare away bloodsucking vampires in the night. garlic syrup is a simple + old school folk remedy which i make annually to protect our systems through this tricky window between fall and winter, when we seem to be the most susceptible to getting taken down.

(( the recipe is simple : add a billion cloves of crushed raw garlic to a jar of apple cider vinegar. macerate a few days or weeks. blend it, strain it and then warm it on the stove adding raw honey or sugar until it all combines and gets syrupy. ))

i used raw sonoran honey with propolis - which adds dynamic health promoting qualities to the formula. ginger, thyme, oregano, or onion are great substitutes or additions if you hate garlic - but garlic packs the best punch.

suggested use: sip as needed to ward off evil, or if you’re just feeling like “thanks, i hate it” i recommend throwing some of this into a salad dressing or a hot toddy to disguise the flavor a bit.

available in 2oz dropper bottles

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