• Image of fuck it - herbal steam blend
  • Image of fuck it - herbal steam blend


originally formulated back for Magic Mail shares during spring 2020, i had to chuckle while naming this one - in a mental health loop that would have me believe that a simple herbal steam blend wasn’t good enough for these shares, i suddenly and swiftly said fuck it. and prepared this stunning, dynamic formula of fragrant dried herbs for regular respiratory steaming.

featuring two types of eucalyptus, garden sage, rosemary, yarrow leaf, + orange peel ALL grown at home or gathered from clean neighboring landscape plants and a fresh addition of pink mineral salts with a little eucalyptus + sage essential oils as an extra boost.

this blend is meant to be added in small pinches to a mug of hot steaming water and inhaled as part of a regular preventative protocol. the volatile oils found in all of the dry plant materials - along with the minerals from the salt - will rise with the steam, offering the sinuses + deep lungs a literal breath of fresh cleansing air. the constituents will help stimulate, tone, decongest + dispel pathogens from the sinuses and respiratory system.

to use: crush a pinch or small handful of the mix and add to a mug or heat proof bowl; pour hot steaming water over the herbs and inhale, using caution to avoid scalding your face! for extra potency, create a mini steam tent by draping over your head and the vessel with a towel or sheet.

at home we like to do this for 3-10 minutes while sitting at the table
an alternate use would be as a potent foot bath in which i would recommend steeping a teaspoon or more of the mixture in hot water for 15 mins and then adding to a foot bath to soak - bonus if you use a sheet or blanket to make a tent around you so you get a full body steam

each purchase directly offsets the cost of giving these blends out free in local solidarity efforts.

Locals in Tucson use code LOCALS at check out to skip shipping + arrange for delivery or pick up in tucson

Please note orders ship within 7 - 14 days (some times faster) this is a small apothecary run by one disabled person with two hands who deeply appreciates your patience and support of slow intentional medicine.

about sliding scale pricing: ALL REMEDIES ARE AVAILABLE FOR LOW OR HIGH SCALE DEPENDING ON INDIVIDUAL FINANCIAL CAPACITY - please choose the price (high scale, low scale) when you're making a selection.

Required Disclaimer - These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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