• Image of Self Love Soak ❤️
  • Image of Self Love Soak ❤️


a grounding, restorative blend of lunar charged epsom salts, silky borax, hibiscus + rose petals, boundary sustaining flower + gem essences and a softening mixture of palmarosa, cedar, pain relieving arnica and mugwort infused oils.

this formula is equally useful as a soak or ritual salt for folks navigating chronic pain (like myself) who need support unwinding and opening safe pathways to embodiment. inviting softness, grace + ease within a fortified container of protection.

mindfully formulated gem + flower essences, including garnet, yarrow, borage + bleeding heart guide the spirit back to center, encouraging head to bow to heart and facilitating deep grounding within the entire system.

handmade in small batches , each bag makes 1-3 bath or foot soaks

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