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this option allows folks with $ to directly fund herbal formulas for distribution to local Black + Indigenous community members, front lines workers, disaster zones and harm reduction outreach programs.

When you add a pay it forward formula to your own order or just purchase a one off, the cost of the purchase will directly sponsor a free formula for an individual, household or outreach program in Tucson and beyond.

The $13 price is equal to the minimum overhead (time and materials), which will go a long way help to make this offering consistent + sustainable, without profit.

For increased transparency and to prevent overextending, there will be only a set # of pay it forward formulas available to purchase and distribute on a monthly basis, allowing the apothecary to provide this service + medicine consistently each month without risk of over selling, over committing or profiting off of solidarity work.

if this program catches on over time, we hope it could mean expanding to a larger amount of formulas available every month or possibly even grow into a consistent monthly delivery to the same people, encampments + households, so they're getting a continuous supply of much needed herbal support.

formulas are alcohol free, and will focus on deep nourishment and stress relief - so far, with your help, wolfberry has been able to distribute over 800 pay it forward formulas 💜