• Image of nourishing herbal infusion
  • Image of nourishing herbal infusion
  • Image of nourishing herbal infusion


this blend includes nettles, lemon balm, calendula, chamomile + orange peel and is great for daily drinking to support remineralization + digestive health, while also supporting lymphatic flow + imparting anti-viral properties.

drinking daily infusions of nettles infused alone, or in combination with other supportive herbs, can go a LONG way to help reduce histamine responses to all the spring pollen!

nettles infusions support deep mineralization of the body, while also literally fortifying the structural integrity of the cell walls. our household has been enjoying drinking this nourishing blend ever day, with great results!
my kiddo especially enjoys it in the midday heat with a little bit of lemon juice - yum.

2oz bags available, always.

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Please note orders ship within 7 - 14 days (some times faster) this is a small apothecary run by one disabled person with two hands who deeply appreciates your patience and support of slow intentional medicine.

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