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named for lyrics in W.A.P. which i could NOT get out of my head when testing out this formula. every time i tried some drops my mouth would get super wet and i’d instantly flash into “gobble me, swallow me, drip down inside of me...” this formula will literally get yr mouth water and ready to eat all manner of comfort foods.

bitters are a staple folk medicine - super nourishing for the digestive juices, allowing for optimal digestion and assimilation of complex foods (and emotions!)
traditionally made with different types of bitter roots, leaves and spices like gentian and anise seed - this alcohol free formula is citrus peel based with lively additions of bitter dandelion, astringent pomegranate peel, heart nourishing rose hips and hawthorne berries, warming ginger root, and spicy clove + anise seeds.

gobble me, swallow me can help transform and integrate grief, brighten the spirit, stimulate digestion and dispel intestinal gas in equal measure.

ingredients : arizona grapefruit peel dandelion root + leaf, star anise, pomegranate peel, rose hips, hawthorne berries, desert lavender ginger root + clove in vegetable glycerine and raw honey

to use: take drop doses as needed for maintenance; droppers full to soothe a sore stomach or move gas; or add to cocktails as a treat!

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