• Image of calm the fuck down vapor inhaler

an anxiety reducing vapor inhaler to help us get calm + collected during the rapid pulse of springs forward thrust. named for a favorite plant water mist i used to make, this little formula packs a BIG energetic dose of calming scents for when we need it most.

oils of orange, lavender, peppermint + chamomile invite relaxation, flexibility and deep revitalizing breaths. bee balm (monarda) flower essence invites in a little harmonious bee magic - helping us to connect w the inherent joy underlying all things outside the crushing weight of capitalism; the magic of flowers returning after winters darkness; the return of the sun and all things warm + light; the focus of bees on pollination / the joy that can come with the daily mundane work of survival.

** this formula DOES have chamomile in it despite my having forgot to include it on the label! i didn’t catch that until i’d already gotten this first batch all tagged**

to use : simply unscrew the lid and take a few deep inhalations through each nostril, as needed to calm the fuck down or invite some joy and sense of focus.

Coming Soon